A Conversation with the Landscape

This page can be seen as a summary of a conversation between a human artist and the natural landscape. The images can be clicked on in order to be enlarged.

A Conversation with the Landscape is a project in which I am searching for a dialogue with the ever evolving landscape. Through a series of performances, interventions and works I am trying to awaken a reaction from the surrounding nature. With my artistic capabilities, I am becoming part of the layers of history that are clearly visible within the large rock structures. Some of the works are very short lived and are almost immediately taken over by the elements. Others stayed for longer and some were taken home to show in a different setting.

Search for the Essence

The medium of photography offers a way to capture processes and reflect on the human body within the landscape in a new way. The formation of the rocks both influence my movement through the landscape as well as the shape of the work. My traces on the wet rocks and the image are all that is left.

Two Stages of a Ceramic Ball

The physical strength of my work compared to the strength of the surrounding rock formations is not only a material comparison. The work has to be shaped by my hands and I am the one that is responsible for the meeting between the work and the landscape. My physical and mental capabilities are not only influenced by me but by the elements and the landscape as well. A conversation has to be two ways in order to be more than a monologue.

Changing Circle

A perfect shape is almost only possible with human influence. It is made out of dolomite powder. When the sea rose with the tide, the circle flocked into different shapes back into the landscape. The waves completed the circle or turned it into other shapes that seemed more natural.

Alternative Experience Test 01

I try to experience the landscape in a different way. Within this nest you don’t feel cold or wind. The whole environment can be observed from the inside through a layer of flickering reflections and chicken wire. The sounds within this nest are the building waves that hit the surrounding rocks and crumbling of thin plastic. This installation is meant to be part of the landscape while also adding something.

Alternative experience test 02

A nest in which the only shelter from the environment is visual. It is made out of elements that shaped the surrounding landscape. Storms will spread it out to shelter the wildlife. Four days of carrying rocks, clay and branches made me invisible to tourists. In return I had to give up the safety against cold and wind. After the flood, there was nothing left but a pile of mud.

Working with Rain

Change in weather has a different influence on the human brain. Also the evolution of the works that are inhabiting the environment becomes distinct. When collaborating with the landscape, I have to join the changes within the landscape.

The Final Stage of the Transformation Process

After studying both the capabilities of the landscape and the capabilities of the artist, it was time to evolve into a different being. A being that originates from a collaboration between an artist and the landscape.

By wearing this body shell, my capabilities are limited and I become part of the landscape. The shell is mostly made out of matter from the surrounding landscape.

The images on the right of this text are studies of forms within the environment that played a role in the development of the shell.