Human Nature

Can nature still be sublime in an Anthropocene world?

I’ve always believed that we’re tiny compared to nature and that nature is much stronger than us. When getting lost in the woods of England or being dragged under a rock in my kayak, I experienced these natural forces in a down scaled way. This power is familiar to all of us via either news media or from our own experience. I want to show the beauty of these powers. While working on the project tough I found out that most forests are manmade and we’re trying to control nature’s forces. We’re building dams to protect ourselves from water and shooting arrows in the sky to stop the rain from falling. More and more people believe we’ve entered the Anthropocene and we’re banned to control and rival nature.

Hearing about the Anthropocene made me worry about nature still being as sublime as the romantic vision in my head. Something that comforts me is the fact that of course we are nature and the more we change it, it will change us. To try and find out about our relationship with nature, I made some nature myself and used human forces as a force of nature to try and make it sublime to myself. Can nature still be sublime to all of us in the Anthropocene and are we part of it?