A story of my latest intervention

In my work I am (often subconsciously) looking for something bigger than myself and something sublime. Last sunday I planned on doing an intervention during a storm with big waves that hit the rocks around me. When I arrived at the location I found out that the heavy rain caused the cliffs to become brittle and I witnessed a lot of small avalanches. I realized that at this moment I had the rare opportunity to create something sublime with pure elements. However the risk of doing this intervention would be very high and I had to wonder whether it would be worth it. Eventually I had to make the decision not to do it as it would risk both me and the rest of the works that I would be making here. I decided to postpone it and try again two days later.

The waves that day were higher than I planned on but it would still be safe enough to do the intervention. During the build up I found out that the rocks were a lot more slippery than before and at some point I got into a dangerous situation where the chance of getting stuck underwater was very high. Unfortunately I had to leave behind my food, tripod and my work in order to make it back to a safe height. I planned this intervention for two weeks in order to minimize the risks and to know exactly what I could expect in all the different situations. In the end working with the forces of nature is very unsure and even if you take everything into account, it can still surprise you.

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