The influence of the tides on my work

The tides are a big factor within the formation of a coastal landscape. The landscape that I choose for a conversation with the landscape had to have a big difference between low tide and high tide. It had to have strong currents, so the landscape would be able to evolve over the time of my stay. That also meant that it changed both my physical and mental state. I want to share this photo of how the tides dissolved my work.

Remy Tilburg for Conny Janssen Danst

Remy Tilburg

Morocco Project Preview

A photo from a Berber shepherd. Shot with my Mamiya RB67.

Documentnaam Thomas Meijerman_4


Last summer I went to Milkshake and made these analog photos.

Male love klein

Forest fire process part 2

A while ago there was this forest fire close to Eindhoven so I desided to make a project about forest fires. This is one of the photos that I made.
_DSC5592Thomas Meijerman