Exhibition at ARWE Gallery

The 3th of October, there will be a new exhibition opening at a new gallery. Edwin Spek curated an exhibition with five people who have recently finished an academy or postgraduate. The exhibition will take place at the ARWE Gallery in Gouda from the 3th of October up and until the 24th of October and I am one of the exhibitors. The works I will be showing are Positioning in the Chain of Creation, Human Nature and Island Discovery. Feel free to check out their website and take a look at the invitation below!

Remy Tilburg for Conny Janssen Danst

Remy Tilburg

Morocco Project Preview

A photo from a Berber shepherd. Shot with my Mamiya RB67.

Documentnaam Thomas Meijerman_4


Last summer I went to Milkshake and made these analog photos.

Male love klein

Forest fire process part 2

A while ago there was this forest fire close to Eindhoven so I desided to make a project about forest fires. This is one of the photos that I made.
_DSC5592Thomas Meijerman

Forest fire process

A while ago there was this forest fire close to Eindhoven so I desided to make a project about forest fires. This is one of the first photos that I made.



Het leek nog zo kalmerend, de leegte en stilte van het eind van de wereld. Zonder afleiding de ruimte om te denken. Nu ik er een paar dagen ben blijkt het helaas niet kalmerend te zijn en stilte bestaat niet. Ik verdrink in alle gedachtes en word afgeleid door het ruizen van de wind en het onregelmatige geschreeuw van die kut schapen. Ik probeer te komen met een idee maar hoe hard ik het ook probeer. Er komt niks want er is hier niks. Niks behalve gras, lucht en die klei die alles vies maakt. Niks behalve de oorverdovende herrie genaamd stilte. Toch wonen er mensen in dit niets, zei hebben dit niets een waarde gegeven door er iets van te maken dat voor hun interessant is.

Thomas MeijermanThomas Meijerman007

Character photos

This last period I cheated on photography with illustration and it actualy felt pretty good. The 22th of March I had my deadline and the teachers were very positive so I want to show you the result in a few parts, this is the thirth and last part. Keep up!

These are the photos of the character and they should show the gloomy style of the character. There are 2 characters, a dog and a boy. The dog is the monster living under your bed so you will see big green eyes under your bed but when he comes to the light he is actually very cute. The dog wants to be a scary monster but he is cute. Then there is this boy that is left by his parents because he is to scary so now he is wearing this bear suit to try to get back into society again but he does not succeed because he is still to scary. The boy wants to be cute.
Because the to characters are a total opposite they become friends.

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Thomas MeijermanThomas Meijerman_DSC2165

Thomas MeijermanThomas Meijerman_DSC2188