Character photos

This last period I cheated on photography with illustration and it actualy felt pretty good. The 22th of March I had my deadline and the teachers were very positive so I want to show you the result in a few parts, this is the thirth and last part. Keep up!

These are the photos of the character and they should show the gloomy style of the character. There are 2 characters, a dog and a boy. The dog is the monster living under your bed so you will see big green eyes under your bed but when he comes to the light he is actually very cute. The dog wants to be a scary monster but he is cute. Then there is this boy that is left by his parents because he is to scary so now he is wearing this bear suit to try to get back into society again but he does not succeed because he is still to scary. The boy wants to be cute.
Because the to characters are a total opposite they become friends.

Click to enlarge

Thomas MeijermanThomas Meijerman_DSC2165

Thomas MeijermanThomas Meijerman_DSC2188

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